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We are a very small cattery offering teacup Persian kittens Florida so it is always best to place a deposit. We raise a small amount of Teacup Persian Kittens per year. A non-refundable deposit will add you to our waiting list. When the litter arrives you will be contacted to select the kitten of your dreams. At that time an additional deposit will be required to secure your Persian kitten. When baby is ready to come home with you final payment is due. Payment may be made by check or PayPal. Deposits are made in good faith and not refundable.

Playmates!! These little Chinchilla Silver Teacup kittens are busy playing. They are reserved, but we will have kittens ready this fall. Please email catscreation@aol.com or text 407-709-9541 for details.

Chinchilla Silver Teacup Persians CatsCreation

Interested in a Persian Kitten? Call or email for details and availability.

Look below to see some of our already adopted kittens and learn about our cattery.

Teacup Persian Kitten Playing with Toys
Play With Me!

Persian Kitten Delivery Available in the USA and Internationally

Adorable Teacup Kitten in Wicker Box
Take Me Home!

If you are unable to pick your new Persian kitten from our cattery we offer delivery options. Delivery choice is a personal decision but rest assured, we have used all three of these methods for many years without incident. Delivery costs are available upon request.

Airline Delivery:

Kittens depart Orlando International Airport via United Airlines Petsafe Program (when available). PetSafe offers airport-to-airport travel for animals. The program includes a dedicated 24-hour PetSafe desk, the ability to track your pets from origin to destination and more.

Airport Pickup:

We will meet you with your kitten curbside at Orlando International Airport. Many owners prefer to purchase a round-trip ticket and escort their new kitten home with them directly in the airline cabin.

Courier Service:

A private courier picks the persian kitten up from our cattery and delivers them via private vehicle directly to you. Available in the Greater Central Florida area only.

About your Teacup Persian Kittens

Teacup Persian Kittens on Cat Tree
Let’s Play!

Teacup is a descriptive term rather than a type of Persian Kitten. Silver and Golden Persian Kittens are naturally the smallest of the Persian Breed. The “teacup” size range is typically five to seven pounds but many things can influence the final adult weight. Female cats will weigh less than their male counterparts. A major influencing factor is diet; our Persian Kittens have been on a diet of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food. A change in diet can upset your kitten’s delicate tummy. Please prepare in advance by contacting me regarding where to purchase your new kitten’s food.

Precious Persian Teacup Kitten Playing
Play Time!
Upside Down Playful Teacup Kitten
Pets Please!

Teacup Persian Kittens Florida